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The Baby Room

for 3-12 months

The Baby Room offers a perfect introduction to the nursery. It is a bright, cheerful and stimulating environment which enables babies to follow their own development. The Baby Room is specifically designed to cater for very young babies and is tailored to their needs, with mirrors, a ballet bar, and 'medo' furniture to encourage independent movement and activity. The babies love exploring the range of ‘treasure baskets’ provided, containing household items, metals, wooden objects or colours.

We have a successful settling-in policy and try to follow parents’ lead whenever possible to ensure that each baby adapts well to nursery life. We provide parents with information slips at the end of the day to let them know about their child’s day. There is a changing unit in the room so that the correct ratios are always maintained and the room is set away from the older rooms so that it can be quiet, calm and relaxing. The Baby Room can accommodate six babies and is registered for 0-2 year olds.

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