Holiday Club bookings for Summer 2022 will be opening on Monday 27th June 2022.....
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Privacy & Cookies

This Website (Website) for Crossley Mill Nursery (The Nursery) has been built using Django, with security in mind. It is now hosted on Opalstack.

Cookies are small text files stored by your web browser on the hard drive of your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone containing data about the way you use a website. This Website uses a minimal number of cookies, in order to manage the contact form on the Joining / Contact page. Specifically, cookies are used to protect the Website against CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) attacks and Spam (using Google recAPTCHA) and to display error or success messages to users, based on their input after they fill in and submit the form. The information submitted by users will be sent securely over HTTPS (check for the padlock in your browser next to the URL) to the Nursery's main email address. The information sent (message and contact details) is used by the Nursery to respond to enquiries and contact users who leave their details. This information will never be shared with any third party without consent and it will be stored in the Nursery's email inbox only as long as necessary.

The new Holiday Club area of this Website, also uses cookies for authenticating requests (checking if a user is logged in), and for managing the booking / payment process. Only cookies essential to the functioning of this area of the Website are used. The information you submit relating to your Child's Registration, Bookings will be sent securely over HTTPS (check for the padlock in your browser next to the URL) and stored in a secure database, as well as in the Nursery's main email inbox and in a paper file in the office. 

Secure payments for the Holiday Club are managed using a payment gateway called Stripe. We do not store any Card details on our own secure database, aside from the last 4 digits of the Card number. 

Any information provided on the Online Registration Form for the Holiday Club is required by law to be kept up until the child's 21st birthday. If you would like any details to be removed from our database, or to enquire about the details we hold, please feel free to get in touch.