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Yummy Tummies

At Crossley Mill our aim is to provide healthy, organic, vegetarian food which is tasty and will appeal to the children in our care. The nursery has its own full-time cook and food is freshly cooked on the premises. The daily menus are prominently displayed, and of course we cater for any special dietary needs.

Three meals a day are provided with snacks in-between meals. Staff always sit down with children at mealtime and talk about what the children are eating, encouraging children to develop good self-feeding and meal habits. Where appropriate, meals follow the themes being looked at in the nursery. For instance, Halloween saw the children making Jack-O-Lanterns, as well as being offered pumpkin soup and homemade bread rolls.

We believe that exploring food is important for little ones so we often have tasting activities and cooking that the children partake in in adition to their regular mealtimes.

Click here to view the 4 weekly summer menu.