A breath of fresh air

The nursery has a colourful bespoke outdoor space split over 2 levels. The outdoor areas are set up according to children’s interests, they cover all areas of the early years foundation stages  and give the children the opportunity to explore the natural world, be physically active and develop them all important gross motor skills.

Upper level

A smaller greener area on the upper level with grass humps where children can practise moving in different ways such as balancing, rolling and climbing with a seated area for the quieter outdoor experiences with views overlooking the canal.

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Lower level

The lower level is a larger area for more physical activities such as balls trikes and bikes and a planting area for the children to plant seasonal fruit and vegetables. The area has a woodland sensory area with a sound line for children to explore the sounds of pans, colanders and bin lids and pe-po sheds and a lighthouse for imaginative role play.

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The under 2’s have their own balcony for indoor outdoor play which they have access to directly from their room all year round. The balcony has a large Perspex glass for the younger children to observe and interact with the older children and is set up daily with cosy areas and stimulating activities.

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