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A Typical Nursery Day

Nursery opens at 7.30am and we settle down for breakfast at 8.30am – a social time to learn about healthy foods offering a choice of cereals, homemade breads, seeds and fresh fruit. Breakfast is served till 9am.

After breakfast all the children go off into their own rooms according to age and stage of development where a wide variety of free play activities, indoors and out, will be prepared for your child. This will include opportunities to be creative, have free choice of our equipment and may be linked to a festival, theme or ‘child’s interest’.

Circle time, group songs, discussion and stories happen regularly at various points of the day, often at the start or end of a particular session. We offer indoor outdoor play all year round, and take regular trips in to the local community.

We offer regular snacks usually around 10am ,2pm and 5pm.These are a choice of fresh fruit, vegetables, rice cakes or oatcakes and water or milk.

Lunch is served around 11.45am and is a sociable time where staff sit and eat the same meals as the children, offering choice throughout and talking about the foods they are eating and where they come from. We offer a wide variety of vegetarian foods and our meals are occasionally linked with festival celebrations.

After lunch we offer every child the opportunity to sleep or rest in a quiet calm area of the room to recharge our batteries for our busy and fun afternoon.

The afternoon takes a similar pattern of free play with a variety of resources which your child can choose and source for themselves, encouraging a sense of independence and decision making. There is also adult led activity time, outdoor/indoor play and a light tea is served around 3.15pm.

The nursery comes together around 5pm ready for home time pick up which gives the children the opportunity for mixed age social interaction.